Our Story

Hi, I’m Julia. I’m the founder of Heelcatch.

making a move 
Five years ago, I was happily working as a young lawyer in Sydney. I never imagined myself to be where I am now. In the summer that year, I went on a trip to Italy that changed my life completely. I instantly fell in love with everything about Italy. The people, the food, the fashion and the life style. Being in Milan felt like being in the cover of Vogue. It was like my dreams coming true. After I came back home from the trip, all I could think about was the way to go back to la-dolce-vita in Italy. My life back home was good, but I couldn't resist the urge to throw myself into the new world. I wanted to give it a chance. I wanted to live my life to the fullest pursuing my passion for once. Two years later I left everything behind and landed in Italy just with a suitcase. The biggest adventure of my life began.
For all women to be comfortable, confident and beautiful
I have spent my entire 20s torturing my feet, as an office girl by day and a socialite by night. Whether they were classy high heels or cute flats, my shoes always gave me painful blisters on my heels. It was a constant pain and struggle especially every time I bought a new pair of shoes. I wanted to fix this problem that every woman had, including myself. I wanted all the women to be comfortable, confident and beautiful.
Covering the edge of the heel from inside to outside seemed like the key

I spent most of my first year in Italy going to design school, while brainstorming ideas to solve this problem. In 2015 I started projecting ideas about the product that I wanted to make. There were similar products that exited in the market already but they did not solve the problem because they all were to attach on the inside of the shoes only. Covering the edge of the heel from inside to outside seemed like the key to end the painful issue. 

Our company was first set up in Australia, where my home is. The business that was started with my little idea and sole desire to free women from the daily pain now serves customers worldwide. We have small teams of Heelecatch in the USA, UK, Australia and Italy who work in customer services and order fulfillment. 

What happened to the girl landed in Italy alone?
Now I live in Rome with my Italian beau and our baby.
The future of Heelcatch

Heelcatch was started with the idea to make women comfortable and yet look fabulous in their gorgeous shoes. Heelcatch solves the issue of getting blisters on your heels, however there are also other areas of foot that are subject to pain.
In the short future, we would like to launch a line of gorgeous high heels that is absolutely comfortable, from any angle of foot, to wear all day and every day while still looking stylish. Please be tuned.
Coming soon!