Heelcatch Has The Answer

April 10, 2017

Heelcatch Has The Answer

We all know that fashion starts with a good pair of shoes – your style changes dramatically simply by wearing different shoes with a same outfit.

However, ladies in the past had to endure the painful cost that comes with wearing beautiful high heels as they cause serious pain to their heels. This results in two situations: either ladies have to carry bandages in handbags to minimise the pain from their blisters or the brand new heels get tucked away safely in the corner of the wardrobe, never to be worn again.

So why are we still suffering from the same old issue that started since the invention of leather shoes in the 16thcentury? Well, Heelcatch has the answer.

Heelcatch Heel Protector allows soft fabric to be attached on the edge of your shoes from the inside to the outside. Our new double side protection is different from previous products that can only be attached on the inside of your shoes. The problem with previous inside-only-covering products is that fabrics can easily come off when you wear and take off the shoes. And often, the fabric doesn’t actually cover the area, the edge, of your shoes that is causing the most pain to your feet.

Heelcatch Heel Protector’s material is thin, soft and flexible, which gives great cushion to your heels. Most importantly, Heelcatch Heel Protector’s material through its patented technology makes it extremely easy for you to attach and detach from your shoes and leaves no residue regardless of the material of your shoes including leather, plastic, suede, cotton or shiny material.

Always remember! No matter how expensive your shoes are, if you can’t wear it with comfort, they are as good as pie in the sky.

With Heelcatch Heel Protector, you can finally unleash the gorgeous heels that you were always too scared to wear.